Gardening & Decor

Gardening & Decor

Create an outdoor oasis with flowers, décor, and luxury garden furniture! 


Outdoor Furniture and Garden offers everything you’ll need, including home garden decorations, to create an outdoor oasis or sanctuary on your patio, porch, or anywhere throughout your yard.


Did you know that adding a greenhouse to your yard can help extend the growing season no matter what gardening zone you live in? Grow vegetables year-round or start your flower seed in early spring for planting! It is so rewarding to create a home garden that you can enjoy throughout the season. We also offer gardening items and tools that will help you every step of the way. Our garden cart will make it easy to transport mulch, leaves, tools or even debris around the yard. And this beautiful potting bench is a practical way to pot any type plant without bending and stretching. 


Outdoor Fountains can add a relaxing quality to yard, porch, or patio, and we offer a large selection of quality-made luxury garden furniture selections for your home garden. The Portofino is a unique and interesting fountain that will add a serene and peaceful quality to your patio or yard with its graceful style. For a more traditional look, we think you’ll like the Napa Valley fountain with its classic structure and appeal. This fountain is perfect for a garden and decor accent or as the focal point of the yard.


Outdoor Furniture and Garden also offers a variety of outdoor home garden decorations, with selections that include garden décor and birdbaths. These will add a country quality to any yard. Why not add a gazing ball to the patio, walkway, or garden for a little ambience? Or how about the stunning mosaic solar birdbath for a touch of color in the yard? And don’t forget to use outdoor lanterns throughout your outdoor space for additional lighting or attractive table décor. We offer a fine selection of colorful and practical lanterns that can be used in your indoor or outdoor space. When it comes to finding luxury garden furniture, we’ve got you covered with our exclusive selection.