Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting

Set the mood in the yard with outdoor lighting!


Here at Outdoor Furniture and Garden  we love to entertain outdoors in the yard or on the patio whenever we can.  That’s why we have chosen to include many different areas of outdoor lighting in our landscape not only for ambience but for the safety of our guests.


Solar lighting is one of the easiest ways to include additional lighting on the patio or in your yard.  Because it is dependent on the rays of the sun, you never have to worry about electrical cords being in the way or causing a tripping hazard for family or guests.  We invite you to browse the Charleston Pathway Lights which are ideal not only for pathways, but gardens and even along the driveway, plus they’ll provide up to eight hours of light when fully charged.  What a simple way to add additional lighting and ambience to your landscape!


Outdoor solar lights are so easy to install plus they are virtually maintenance free.  Solar energy utilizes lower powered items such as LED lamps, and lower powered electronics that do not use as much power as standard electric systems, so you’ll also save on your electric bill!  Solar energy is green energy, so you will also be looking out for the future of our planet by using solar energy throughout your landscape.


Outdoor lighting is available in many different designs and styles and Outdoor Furniture and Garden has a variety for you to choose from for your home.   Check out the Solar Light String in a crystal ball design that is ideal for use on a shrub, a patio umbrella or even in a doorway.   What a stunning display!    We think you’ll enjoy creating a beautiful and unique outdoor lighting display that is perfect for your living space.